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To determine the minimum curtain width for your window, simply measure the width of your window and double the figure. The wider the panel, the more full it will appear when closed. For the length, measure from the top of the window to the floor and then add at least 8 centimetres.

Our curtains are affordable to buy. However, curtains vary in length and width. The more fabric required to make the curtain normally determines the price range.

**You are welcome to bring in your window measurements and photos of your windows. We will provide you a price estimation service that will fit your budget. 

Definitely!  We carry a wide-variety of products that are guaranteed to work within your budget.

You should measure the width of your window frame from the top to determine the size rod you need to use.

It is suggested to change your curtains every season as the temperatures normally fluctuate. However, you can wash the same sets of curtains and re-hang them if you prefer.

Custom window treatments are window coverings that are created specifically for your windows. They are precisely measured, fabricated, and installed to fit the size and style of your window and home.

For over 10 years of history, we have proudly provided a wide range of quality yet stylish custom curtains, blinds, and wallpapers to the families and businesses to create a comfortable living spaces and working conditions. 

Emeera Curtain is curtain store/retailer in Kulim

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